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Currency Exchange

You will need Swiss francs for the purchase of your Swiss property and we want to make sure that you maximize the exchange rate.

From our experience, the most cost effective way of achieving this is by using a Foreign Exchange Dealer, and Casa Travella can be of assistance to you in ensuring that you achieve the most effective form of transfer. We are in contact with specialist Currency Dealers who have regular experience of transferring funds at the appropriate time. These Currency Dealers ensure that you, the purchaser achieve the best possible rate for transferring funds from any currency into Swiss francs when you are buying your Swiss house. The Currency Dealer will provide support to ensure that you maximise your funds to complete any purchase of property transaction.

After the purchase of your Swiss property , the Currency Dealer can also be of assistance in helping you set up any regular monthly payments, if required, to your own bank account in Switzerland. These funds, which you may require for such items as regular bills for the property, or any purchases for the property itself such as furniture and fittings, can be transferred at your convenience and with a view to obtaining the best rate for you, the purchaser, on an ongoing basis.

For more information and details of this service, please email us on [email protected]

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